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Let’s face it, after a day of touring beautiful Paris, many visitors long for relief at the hands of a certified massage therapist or spa center. And with numerous Shiatsu, Swedish, and Thai massage parlours to choose from, finding a rub down in a Paris spa is never difficult. But it you seek a happy ending or “body to body” massage in Paris, there seems to be only misleading advertisements and outdated message forums online. But there is much more to the French massage scene than most newcomers realize. In fact the topic of massage has a long and rich tradition in France, as you will soon discover.

Paris Massage Centre offers certified Swedish and Thai therapists.

Salon Massage Paris – A Tradition of Healing

The history of massage in France is well documented, but it’s worth revisiting to help understand the modern landscape of spa salons in Paris. For hundreds of years, the “bone setters” across Europe paved the way for massage therapy. In France in particular, a man named Ambrose Pare’ revolutionized the field in the 16th century through his use of touch with patients. Ambrose developed therapy that proved useful to patients recovering from surgery and relieving localized soreness. As massage became medically accepted in the 19th century around the world, France found itself a leader in massage therapy and even today the salon de massage has a permanent place in French culture.

Salon de Massage in Paris – A World of Options!

As you’ll soon discover, the choices are plenty for those seeking massage therapy or a relaxation spa in Paris. In a Paris hotel spa, you can get lost in luxurious accommodations and posh services. A typical salon near the tourist areas offers quicker, though sometimes high quality massages of varying styles. A professional salon de massage will offer a full line of certified therapists who take their profession seriously and tailor each therapy session to serve the clients’ needs. Of course there’s also the massage erotique – the French term for the “full service” massage which enjoys more popularity than ever these days. One thing is clear – whichever massage type you need, you’ll have no problems finding it in Paris!

Eastern massage salons are becoming popular in Paris.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage styles and derivatives are perhaps the most common in France. Paris therapists utilize the long stroke techniques and circular “working” of muscles to relieve tension and provide a relaxing yet therapeutic massage experience for clients. The most common western style of therapy, the Swedish massage is particularly well suited for those suffering from muscle fatigue.

Thai Massage Technique

Fast growing in popularity in Paris is the Thai massage. Through stretching muscles and compressing pressure points throughout the body, the Thai therapist enters into cooperation with the client to provide a proper Thai massage. The benefits are many in this style, most importantly to increase flexibility of limbs, restore overall balance, and release blocked energy.

Acupressure and Aromatherapy

Acupressure and aromatherapy are often considered alternatives to traditional massage. During an acupressure session, the therapist stimulates meridians along the body with fingers and palms, to release blockages and tension. Aromatherapy uses essential oils like lavender to provide a peaceful atmosphere that reduces stress and gives a feeling of well-being in the clients.

Massage naturiste salons are common throughout France.

Naturiste Massage Erotique in Paris

No massage in Paris discussion would be complete without the topic of the sensual massage! In fact, this might be the most popular topic among men, who often seek an erotique massage in a Paris hammam, massage spas, and even private apartments. While the masseuses practicing this style of massage are often shunned by professional therapists, there’s no debating the demand for these services.

Whether you seek a muscle-relieving Swedish therapy session, or desire the balancing result of a Thai massage, you’ll find plenty of suitable salons in Paris. If you decide to broaden your experience, you can try out aromatherapy, acupressure, or even acupuncture or Shiatsu to find what suits you. The fact is, no mater what style of massage in Paris you’re looking for, one fact is certain. There’s no place better for massage options than Paris!

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