Massage in Paris Exposed!

Paris spa parlours continue to draw men in record numbers, with business travelers seeking out Paris services while visiting the French capital. Pleasure seekers have long had French massage parlours on their itinerary, but seeking out services and quality that the well-trodden Paris brothels simply can’t match. Not only are Eastern European girls still being imported to serve mens’ needs, beauties from Southeast Asia have now begun circulating in the Paris scene, making the landscape better than ever for pleasure travelers!

Who Else Wants a Paris Happy Ending?

But newcomers are often confused by the options in Paris, which aren’t always clear and varying local enforcement policies only add to your dilemma. Tourist trap parlours and scam shops are scattered throughout Paris, and are highly skilled at separating you from your money.

Meanwhile the local gurus in Paris live a dream, enjoying the finest specimens in the world fast & easy. Imagine now having the girl of your dreams with no limits, fast & easy – just how you like it. Busty Polish girls, blond Russian beauties, and even Thai angels treat these insiders night after night. And avoiding the tourist traps at the same time, with all the powerful expertise of a 20 year Paris journeyman! The truth is, knowledge is power when it comes to massage in Paris, as any local will agree.

Paris has long been a popular destination for men seeking sensual services. Red light brothels in Pigalle continue to serve hundreds of tourists each night, charging hundreds of euros for modest services, often at the hands of older French or Russian women. But you do have better options. Dream parlours scattered throughout Paris offer euphoric massages, no-limits anything goes pleasure houses serving up the freshest imported girls to reward those in the know. Simply put, knowledge is power when it comes to Paris. The differences in quality, price, and even safety are huge these days, and newcomers are well advised to seek expert guidance before taking part in the action here.

Paris Parlour Secrets Revealed!

Paris expert Chantal

Jean Chantal is a bit of a mystery, really. If the Paris native isn’t providing his €300 private tours, he’s most likely trading stories over wine in a five-star business hotel. What else would the world’s foremost authority on massage in Paris do in his downtime?! Chantal has recently published an insider’s tell-all into the secret underworld of spas in Paris, instantly making journeymen out of even the newest visitors. Jean divulges secrets it took him decades to master, revealing not only speakeasy parlour locations but also “rules of the game” when it comes to the parlours here which will immediately empower you to live your dreams. What else will you discover inside this powerful Guide?


  • Sniff out the hottest massage girls kept hidden from tourists
  • Fast & easy local prices
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  • Skip past scam & tourist traps with Jean’s insider tips

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Updated December 2018!